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“You have all kinds of Halls of Fame all over the world. I think it’s time that Hollywood had its own Hall of Fame. The people that come will see something in Hollywood they cannot see anyplace else.”

Mickey Rooney
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“Congratulations to you and your team on the development of the Motion Picture Hall of Fame.
Preserving the rich history of the motion picture industry and honoring the men and women who have contributed in a museum is long overdue. 
I look forward to the opening of this permanent tribute that will provide a place for both fans and industry professionals to call home.
I wish you much success with The Motion Picture Hall of Fame.”

Richard Anderson
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“I am lending my support to building this lasting tribute, preserving the history and honoring the greatest of the great performers and magic makers behind the scenes. Congratulations on this long overdue event!”

Lindsay Wagner
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"How wonderful! I am so proud to lend my support to this great project. Best of luck."

Carol Channing
Actress-Film and Theater
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"How appropriate given the history of Palm Springs with the film and television industry. I look forward to working with the Motion Picture Hall of Fame and hope that their project becomes a reality providing another great tourist destination for our City."

David H. Ready, Esq., PHD
City Manager-City of Palm Springs