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Investor Relations ( Coming Soon)

The Board of Directors envisage the Motion Picture Hall of Fame to open in the very near future. The Hall of Fame will be built as a shrine to motion pictures, actors, actresses, writers, producers, directors and film scores. The themed attraction is projected to draw 450,000 visitors in the first year.

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame will be a state-of-the-art-facility with fully interactive exhibits, rotating displays, memorabilia, portraitures and live vignettes. The purpose is to entertain and educate the public about the people and processes involved in filmmaking. It will induct into the Hall of Fame meritorious movies and individuals, whether living or deceased to honor and commemorate their works and contributions to the history of motion pictures.

Movie going enthusiasts and motion picture artists will come together through film festivals, seminars, lectures and various other special events. The Hall of Fame members will votes on who gets inducted into the Motion Picture Hall of Fame on an annual basis. At a star-studded celebration, the inductees will be honored and inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Investor questions, please contact:

Motion Picture Hall of Fame

Post Office Box 1159
Palm Springs, CA 92263
Tel: 760.320.3128
Fax: 760.320.3129