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Exhibition Halls
The movies have something for everyone- romance, comedy, thrills, adventure, horror, war, patriotism, dance, faraway lands, love of the old west and the future of space travel. Our Hall of Fame exhibits transport you into these fantasy worlds and educate you as to how it is done.
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The Entrance Portal is the main lobby from which every visitor accesses the various attractions within the Hall of Fame. The two story grand staircase dominates the space and the dramatic open plan design. The space is themed similar to the Emerald City featured in the unforgettable film “The Wizard of Oz”. The color scheme is strikingly magical with bold emerald green marble, gleaming brass fixtures and highly polished reflective surfaces.
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The Hall of SuperStars. Hollywood’s stars (all Hall of Fame Honorees) receive their own “SuperStar” inside this amazing interactive gallery. Each star is actually an interactive DVD based video jukebox that will contain the largest database on Hollywood stars ever assembled. The stars are also touchscreen video monitors connected to an elaborate computer based system that will display screen highlights and events in the lives of past and present Honorees. The large screen at the far center of the room will display clips from the current Hall of Fames Honors Television Special as well as from the most popular SuperStars based on recent visitor’s votes.
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The Hall of Science Fiction
Guests will see their favorite science fiction films and characters in detailed futuristic displays. Peering inside our interactive time machine, visions of the future are revealed as imagined in the past and present. The exhibit closes with an exhilarating visit to an actual movie set high above and possibly the huge city of tomorrow.
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Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio
Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio is acknowledged as the birthplace of American Cinema. It was the very first studio built for the sole purpose of photographing motion pictures. It was built on a rotating platform that pivoted to keep the sun on the subject throughout the day. Our reproduction will feature this as well as an animatronics Thomas Edison who will explain his newest invention and dreams about the future of cinema.

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The Hall of Horror
The Hall of Horror is our shrine to the greatest horror films of all times. Guests will see their favorite monsters in detailed wax figures and peer into our magic mirror where they will see movie clips and a few spooky surprises. Finally, the exhibit closes with a chilling visit to Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory!

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The Hall of Comedy
Instead of basing our design for the Comedy Hall of Fame on a dry history of comic actors, we designed the exhibit to be as funny as the jokes themselves. While highlighting the best of what’s funny, visitors will be told jokes and about actual comic gags or mechanisms used.

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The Hall of Movie Magic
Do you ever wonder how the special effects were shot in your favorite movie? In this exhibit, visitors will get a hands-on look at the secret techniques that professionals use to create movie magic. In several exciting and interactive attractions, guests will learn about force perspective, miniatures, digital compositing, CGI (Computer-generated imagery) and other tricks of the trade.
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The Camera Eye
The giant camera exhibit gives visitors a chance to view first hand the inner workings of a huge motion picture camera. Guests can move the cams and gears while watching the film actually pass through the gate. The interactive kiosk gives information on the development of this amazing device and allows guests to create their very own custom filmstrips

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The Action Forge
Step into the director’s chair and prepare to make your first action movie! Visitors to this, high-tech exhibit will choose which action scenes they want to see, then push the button and see their creation unfold on four, giant, hi-definition displays. Watch closely, you may see some of your favorite action stars make cameo appearances.
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Edison’s Lab Exhibit
Thomas Edison’s laboratory is an interactive attraction that gives visitors a chance to play with all the toys and novelties that inspired the invention of the motion picture camera. Visitors will learn first hand about the scientific evolution of cinema from the camera obscura, the Kinetoscope, and many more.

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Hall of Animation
Step into the world of animation and find out how cartoons, animated movies and shorts are created. In the Animation Hall, creations from some of the most famous animators of our time will be on display including works created by Mel Blanc. Mel Blanc was the voice for Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toons gand. Noel Blanc, who carries on his fathers tradition, has donated many items to be displayed in the collection.