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Each year, the culmination of millions of people voting for their favorite movie stars, producers, directors, and film scores will be the induction of those winners into the Motion Picture Hall of Fame.

To honor and commemorate the works and contributions to the history of motions pictures, the Hall of Fame will induct meritorious movies and individuals, whether living or deceased. A date for the Motion Picture Hall of Fame Induction Television Special is yet to be determined.

"The Motion Picture Hall of Fame Honors" is a two-hour premier television event. The broadcast will reach a projected 100 million viewers worldwide. In a star-studded celebration, a great multitude of movie going fans and Hollywood's elite will join together to honor the greatest motion picture artists and achievements of all time.

The Hall of Fame Honors Special is not about who's hot or not this year. Rather it focuses on those actors, actresses and filmmakers who are the most beloved by people around the world whose body of work has stood the test of time.

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame is a place where the most exceptional artists and the greatest works of film over the last one hundred years are honored and preserved for future generations. It is the only museum of its kind and source of the only television special of its kind on the airwaves.